The Universe as we know it is composed of energy. This means all matter from the air we breathe, the body we inhabit, to the chair you sit in now are all various forms of energy. Energy can be defined as “the capacity to do work.” All matter is composed of varying forms of energy. For example: The food we eat, the oxygen we breathe and the water we drink are forms of energy that when used are broken down to release the potential (energy) within it and sustain our lives. Alternatively, this energy exists around us in all forms and function, but not always with form and function. To elaborate, it is this energy that exists without form and function that Reiki comes from. Consider that universal energy is akin to electricity. The lights in your home have the capacity to focus the electricity that flows through it and create light just by turning on the switch. Reiki works the same way. It is an energy waiting to be accessed and focused to create light in your life.

Referring back to what Energy is, “the capacity to do work,” we now see that as everything is made of energy, Reiki may be considered as the capacity for to do work on oneself. Whether that is improving mental, emotional, physical or spiritual aspects in an individual, is one’s own personal journey to explore.