First Consultation and Treatment: $85.00
The first consultation lasts about an hour and a half and allows the Practitioner to get a clear picture of your thought processes, attitudes and energetics. This allows the practitioner to tailor treatments to you individually and focus the energy on a specific opportunity for growth.

Successive Reiki Treatments: $60.00 per hour

Bach Remedies/Flower Essences

First Consultation: $120.00
The first consultation lasts about an hour and a half and consists of a private relaxed dialogue between the Practitioner and  your Self. Through this the practitioner tunes into your beliefs and attitudes that are presenting you with the most opportunity for growth. These challenges are addressed with your own personalized Flower Remedy. Subsequent meetings are helpful but not necessary for your transition. Your Flower Remedy session comes with two free follow-up meetings.

Support is available through e-mail, scheduled telephone meetings or in person appointments.

Reiki and Flower Remedies compliment each other beautifully and Reiki sessions may be recommended by your Practitioner based on your comfort level. Reiki is available and may be suggested during your Flower Remedy follow-ups and is available for an extra $20.00 per half an hour during each session.