My name is Cecelia. I’m here to show you how to empower your Self to create the life you want by focusing my intentions on your well-being to help you discover your best life.

I have graduated from the Holistic Health Practitioner Program presented by Grant MacEwan University ; and have been designated as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). Grant MacEwan has presented me with a HHP Diploma. In order to earn this Diploma I have studied and practiced:

180 Hours of Reiki
180 Hours of Flower Essence
180 Hours of Herbology
Combined with 130 hours of Clinical Internship

Self Care Practices
Complementary Alternative Modalities
Energetic Assessment
Holistic Nutrition

Among this, I have completed 130 hours of  Clinical Internship working with the students and Staff at Ross Sheppard High School in Edmonton, Alberta.

I am a human being living the human experience. I have suffered many hardships from a violent home life, mental and physical abuse that resulted in depression and poor self-esteem. I have grown from and transcended my suffering by my willingness to heal and move forward, recognizing that only I am responsible for my happiness, that the past will not dictate my future and that I have the power within me to achieve all goals; and you do too.